Dr. Pejman Shirazy Biography

Dr. Pejman

Dr. Shirazy is a medical doctor who has completed his medical training at UCLA’s School of Medicine. Dr. Shirazy has completed specialty training in the field of physical medicine, rehabilitation, and interventional pain management. Dr. Shirazy was appointed as chief resident, elected unanimously by the physicians at UCLA, Cedars Sinai, and the nationally renowned, Rancho Los Amigo Rehabilitation Center.

At UCLA, Dr. Shirazy completed numerous spinal procedures ranging from epidural injections, facet injections, nerve blocks, discogram, and radiofrequency procedures. He completed his training at the Orthopedic & Spine Center at UCLA where he gained vast experience in diagnosis, management, and treatment of neuromuscular skeletal disorders. In addition, Dr. Shirazy is board certified in performing electro-diagnostic studies including electromyography and nerve conductions studies.

His interpersonal skills and clinical skills have proved to be effective in the management of chronic pain patients.

Dr. Shirazy has been practicing medicine since 2003. His practice has focused on orthopedic conditions and interventional pain management addressing the treatment of these conditions. Dr. Shirazy bas performed State-Of-The-Art Treatment in platelet rich plasma procedures and stem cell regenerative therapy to address injuries in the musculoskeletal system prior to surgical interventions.

Furthermore, Dr. Shirazy’s patients include, private insurance, Medicare, worker ‘s compensation, and personal injury patients.

Over the past year, Dr. Shirazy has established a Personal Injury unit, in which dedicated staff members are available to help with case management, maintain contact with legal representatives, follow-up on patient ‘s care, and provide high quality medical reports.