What to expect for patients at first visit:

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For patients it is important to know what to expect at their first visit, Consultation, Case History and Physical Exam. Patients should be well educated on what type of care they are receiving, by meeting the doctor and going over their health issue and history on the first visit this criteria is met.


The patient meets with the doctor to discuss a brief synopsis of the pain, duration, location and description

Case history

The doctor identifies the nature of the pain, family history, occupational, dietary, stress and psychosocial.

Physical Exam

​The doctor will determine which spinal segment will require chiropractic treatment, may use other diagnostic such as X-Ray, thermal scan and SEMG scan.

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Why Choose Our Pain Treatment Center?

We are a highly specialized and experienced healthcare group who specifically understand, diagnose and treat the wide variety of pain complaints which interfere with a person’s life.

Why do I need a Pain Treatment Center?

Our highly specialized care helps relieve your suffering and gets your life back on track. Even if you have a serious or debilitating pain problem which has been difficult to treat, we can relieve those pain symptoms that others are unable to abate.

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Personal Injury New Patients Registration Forms (English & Spanish)



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