What is Pain Management?

Pain management is the treatment of chronic and acute pain. This includes treatment of pain from diseases such as cancer, back aches from work related injuries, shingles pain, neck, shoulder pain, headache, etc. Any type of pain one can suffer! Pain is a problem that affects just about everyone at sometime during their life. It is known that 85% of the population will have a pain problem in their lifetime; 90% of all disease is associated with pain.


Why use a Pain Treatment Specialist?

A qualified Pain Management Specialist is a Medical Doctor, such as an anesthesiologist with additional training and experience in the advanced techniques of pain relief. Pain Management specialists should be Board Certified by the American Society of Anesthesiology in Pain Management or the American Academy of Pain Medicine.
A Pain Management Specialist uses a medical approach to the understanding of pain, how it affects our ability to function in our daily life, and how it affects our psychological outlook. The medical profession acknowledges Pain as a disease process! Your family doctor may try his best, but may have limitations in what he can offer. Prior to the age of Pain Management, people had to live with pain but living with pain is no longer acceptable. Pharmacology has advanced and there are now more medications available to help patients. Technology has advanced and there are now many more choices in the treatment of pain.


What is a Pain Treatment Center?

A Pain Treatment Center employs a Pain Management Doctor who is a highly trained healthcare MD. He/she specifically understands, diagnoses and treats all variety of pain complaints. There are many “Pain Centers” found in the yellow pages or when you are driving down the street. Don’t confuse these with Pain Centers as they may be run by non-physicians.
Patients need to be aware and educate themselves about who is providing their care. It is unfortunate when pain treatment is delayed by going to the wrong place or not asking your private physician for a referral to a Pain Management Specialist. A Pain Treatment Center should also employ associates such as Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, Nursing and Psychology.


Why Choose Our Pain Treatment Center?

We are a highly specialized and experienced healthcare group who specifically understand, diagnose and treat the wide variety of pain complaints which interfere with a person’s life.


Why do I need a Pain Treatment Center?

Our highly specialized care helps relieve your suffering and gets your life back on track. Even if you have a serious or debilitating pain problem which has been difficult to treat, we can relieve those pain symptoms that others are unable to abate.